A fresh start

On moving to Oxford in April 2011, I foudn myself with a bit more time on my hands. Leaving behind the excitment and distractions of a big city and all the people in it that I loved, I thought I’d need a wee hobby. With that in mind, I decided to start keeping a record of all the things that I cook, create, find, see, smell and just generally love about food. Nine times out of ten, I’ll be writing about my dinner. That’s a worrying thought in itself, but I’m hoping that the blog will grow from ‘writing about dinner’ to ‘writing about food’.

Over the last few years food has become increasingly important to me. I was brought up around the world, tasting different flavours and textures from a very young age, and as such my food interests are quite diverse, unless it includes lentils. Sorry, lentils, but we just don’t get on. So, now I read food magazines, food blogs, food books, and I watch food programmes, food videos…you get the gist.

I love creating lovely looking meals. Unfortunately I’m an aesthete and I like my food to look as good as possible. I also really enjoy taking photos and spend ages setting them up to their best. I make a point of always cooking from fresh ingredients and not cheating too much. I’m also a reluctant vegetarian thanks to TOH who’s been veggie since birth. Mostly I eat veg, but every now and then I feast on flesh!

Bon appetit!


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