Tonight’s dinner was on the hoof having not made it to a supermarket recently. It also needed to be a quick construct to be served in two sittings as TOH was coming home late having missed his usual train from London.

I’m a sucker for any sort of Asian food, but I wanted a serious veg intake so I scoured the BBCGoodFood website and found this great recipe for Japanese veg-filled pancakes. They’re super quick to make and can be stuffed full of any veg you’ve got lying around in your fridge.

I used baby corn, sweet potato, spring onions and fine beans for a suitably Asian feel (and also what happened to be in the fridge) and then the sauce was a variation on a traditional okonomiyaki. I’m not sure I’d make the sauce again, preferring to stick to a less Japanese sweet chilli sauce, but that’s personal preference. I veered slightly off-course down to Thailand with some jasmine rice as an accompaniment.  It’s my favourite and I could eat it with anything!

The good news for me was that the recipe made slightly too many, meaning a lovely packed lunch awaits me tomorrow … complete in the bento box!


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