Tomarto tomayto

Last night was a bit of a dud food-wise, with TOH insisting on a trip to High Wycombe to buy his mother a breadmaker for her birthday this coming weekend. We went to John Lewis and bought said breadmaker and then high-tailed it to ASK for a standard, un-interesting ‘Italian’ dinner. I had baked pasta and meatballs, TOH had a margarita pizza (ever the adventurer). [I considered photoing this event, and was told this was ‘naff’ so I didn’t, sorry…]

Tonight though I had the luxury of choice. After a night off, I always feel the urge to create something ‘impressive’ and I always think a puff pastry tart is as lovely to look at as it is to eat.

A tomato, black olive and mascarpone tart, served with my favourite thing to come out of May / June in Britain … the good ol’ Jersey Royal. What is it about the Jersey? It’s just the perfect potato, no? Crumbly and creamy, perfect with just the simple dousing of butter and parsley.

Anyway … enough on the potato. The tart was equally lovely, albeit slightly ‘crispy’ on on edge [crucially, not shown here!] and will, yet again, form my packed lunch for tomorrow’s work. It was so simple to make, and only took about 30 minutes, just a case of shop-bought puff, shop-bought pesto and patiently slicing the cherry tomatoes.

Compared to last night’s slightly dodgy representation of Italian cuisine, I was rather pleased with my tart and think that it was slightly closer to Roma than the meatballs ever were … via St Helen’s to pick up the spuds though,eh? I mean, this is Oxfordshire!

Buon Appetito!


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