Happy Birthday!

So I was a little over-zealous with the tin contents, and the half which was destined for the ‘bottom’ overflowed a little bit … but nevermind. This is the first cake I’ve baked in my new Oxford oven, having never really mastered my London oven for anything other than meringues, so I’m pleased by the texture and colour of this one.

Not a complex recipe, just a basic 4 ‘n’ 8, but with one half chocolate and the other half orange (with extra knuckle … damned grater!). I always think marble cakes are really lovely to look at and are a super last minute birthday solution. TOH’s mother was really pleased (no daughter, always hit and miss as to whether or not she’ll get a cake … ) so that’s always appreciated. I also took a tip I found online somewhere and sprikled some brown sugar on top half way through the baking time (risky business opening that oven door, and a two man job so it seems – one for the shelf, one for the sugar) and it made a lovely crunchy topping, so I’ll definitely be doing this one again. Next time, maybe weird colours, or slightly more off the wall flavours. With cake, the possibilities are endless!


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