My Mummy always told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I believed her … until I started working, and then I realised that actually 10 more minutes in bed is far more important than having any breakfast. I know there’s people out there who disagree with me, and it’s something I’m eternally fascinated by – that people actually take the time in the morning to make a cuppa, sit down, have something good for breakfast like eggs, or porridge, or even some kind of sausage situation (oi, oi!). I can just about fathom a bowl of cereal or a slice of toast, but I definitely can’t take the time for a hot drink.

Anyway, so that’s why weekends are so great. You get to take your time to cook something lovely, sit and eat it leisurely, create as much mess as you like, because you know you have the time to wash up and then just go about your day, unpressured. It really just sets you up for a Good Day.

This morning TOH was away and Dr Katie was staying over to keep me company. It was a late, not hugely (but slightly!) alcoholic, Saturday night so Dr Katie and I were after some good food, but nothing too greasy. We plumped for blueberry pancakes with yoghurt and raspberries. The Greek yoghurt and honey made it feel slightly more righteous than the pancakes would allow, and it hit every spot.

I’ve got to say, I think I’ll be going out of my way to get M&S Greek yoghurt in the future … it’s so tangy, and so much better than other brands. The drizzle of lavender honey just perked it up and was much better than more ‘traditional’ maple syrup, which can be cloying and overly sickly. I’m not usually a fan of blueberries, finding them a bit soapy and unnecessary, but I do admit that there are some food stuffs which lend they lend themselves to, one of which being American pancakes. Dr Katie, being a coffee connoisseur, was in charge of the lovely, dark Americano to accompany and, all in all, it was the perfect Sunday breakfast. Dr Katie, you free next week?


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