(Winter) Comfort Food?

Where did Summer go? At the moment it fluctuates so wildly between hot, Mediterranean sunshine and woolly-sock worthy chill that it’s hard to stock the fridge appropriately. There was an emergency trip to the Co-op the other day when it was Shepherd’s Pie weather (normally reserved for Autumn evenings) and I had to make sure I had the necessary.

Shepherd’s Pie is one of those ones which was always a predicament between The Other Half an myself. This is where the whole Veggie vs. PulseHater comes to a real head and it’s very difficult to make a good half way house between the two. That is, until I discovered individual enamel pie tins … what a God send! I get my mince, he gets his beans, et voila!

See ?! You can’t even tell which one’s which! I was very pleased with this effort and the good news is that there’s another one of each in the freezer, ready made up for the next time it suddenly turns into Winter. I find it absolutely impossible to cook for one, I don’t think I’ve ever done it, so I find the old ‘Make One, Freeze One’ very useful. The only problem is you need to remember to eat the one in the freezer! For The Other Half’s I used a ‘normal’ type base and just used beans in place of the meat, for mine it was pretty much standard, but I always feel the need to add barley. And the cheesey top is always a must …

It’s the ultimate comfort food for June, no?


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