The Ultimate Compromise

Now, to the untrained eye this doesn’t look like much of a compromise. However, anyone who has ever shared *any* sort of food experience with me while know that this contains one of my ultimate food no-nos. Add that to the fact that The Other Half, although quote-unquote trying to eat fish, really isn’t pescatarian and we do indeed have the ultimate compromise.

I’m always looking to enticing ways for fish to seem yummier than The Other Half thinks and usually it’s a flat out ‘No’ to salmon. The argument is that it’s pink. Nothing natural and edible should be pink. Well, nothing a vegetarian should eat anyway. So we normally have to plump for cod, haddock, pollock, you know, a white one. But they get so boring! And there’s not that much you can do with them, really. Yeller fish, or the commonly known smoked haddock, is a favourite, but I find it quite overpowering and so can only have it every so often. So, in light of the various fishy discussions, I have to admit to forcing the salmon issue. It’s so good for you! And so tasty! I think I may have won some ground this time around by saying how good it is for your joints … but maybe he was placating me.

Ditto pulses. I hate them. I mean I really hate them. Hummous is a yes, peas and broad beans, they’re yesses too. But stray into the worrying world of chickpeas, lentils, bleugh. I can’t do it. Anyway, I admit they’re good for you, and I tip my hat to the salmon, so the only way to make them doable is to lash them with lots of other lovely bold flavours to mask them slightly.

This week’s branch into our fishy, pulsey middle ground was a harissa crusted salmon, with a chickpea salad. The breadcrumb top made the fish more interesting, and less ‘fishy’, and harissa lends itself nicely to salmon with it’s tangy undertones. It was a hit, with almost all of it ending up on the fork, rather than in the cat. The salad was a chickpea, onion, tomato and parsley base and then, for my benefit, the added extra of some bulgar wheat, all dressed with garlic, lemon and olive oil.

I have to say, the chickpeas were good! Well, they were alright. It’s still a texture thing, and I’m getting there. I’d definitely make this again though,  and the fact that both bowls were clean at the end of the night must be a good sign. The cat enjoyed the leftovers too, so three happy bellies.

Sometimes, just sometimes, compromises can be good!


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