Home on the farm

So I’ve been a bit remiss *again* on the old blogging business. I’ve taken all the photos, but I never seem to get around to writing them up and posting them. I have no idea why , other than possible laziness, let’s face it.

Added to which, there have been no real culinary delights coming out of my kitchen recently, which is a bit sad. I’ve made a few things, but I honestly don’t remember the last time I either a) went shopping, or b) had a visit from TheLovelyOcadoMan. So things are a bit … erm … limited at the moment. We went down to The Other Half’s parents’ on Tuesday night and I was reminded of how good food can be. So hopefully I’ll be spurred on next week to start creating beautiful looking food again. We had some really lovely stuffed baby courgettes, and I’m now eyeing up my two courgette plants in the garden and seeing if I’ll have the patience to wait for them to be of a size where I can recreate the stuffed-ness. If only the British ‘summer’ would pull its finger out I might be able to see them this side of September. As it stands, they’re a bit wee, but patience is a virtue, or so I’m told. Or I could always tempura those flowers in the meantime …


While I was out there, debating the size of one’s courgettes, as one does, I had a good rummage in the peas. Now, you have to understand, my ‘garden’ is the size of a Penny Black. Coming from the urban highlands of NW London, where outside space was the Heath, and really, you couldn’t start putting bean poles up for your runners, I was glad to have any sort of outside space at all. As soon as we moved in, we started ripping out sections of Virginia creeper, and re-bolstering the sidings so that we could plant things out. I’m not terribly green-fingered, but I *am* terribly keen. A few trips to Homebase later and we’re now desperately trying to nurture things into producing edibles for us. We planted out peas along the fencing, beans in the corner, three gro-bags of tomatoes from my Dad and we were then presented with two courgette plants from TOH’s Mum. It’s a bit cramped out there now, and having your Sunday cuppa feels a bit like an Amazonian trek, but hopefully, someday come September, we’ll be eating the produce for dinner! No LovelyOcadoMan for me, no siree!

Anyway, we’re getting there. We have: about 40 pods of peas, no beans (but two flowers!), one tomato (total) and four or five baby courgettes.

I’m a bit worried that, what with it being a basically veggie household, this will be the sum total of one meal and that months of watering, pruning and talking to (I’ll try anything) will be gone in one fell swoop. But hey ho. You’ve got to work with what you’ve got, right? One day I’ll have a massive garden and I’ll be able to dig big furrows and plant potatoes to see my through the winter. At home in Kent, September is spent storing apples, drying onions and making Willy Wonka style vats of jam and chutney. It’s delicious and means that all through the year, you’re eating out the freezer to it’s empty for the next harvest. Ah, one day, one day. But for now, a meal a year is all I can hope for. Better make it a good one then – come back in a few weeks (sun depending) and see what it’s all become!!



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