Always have a back up tortilla …

Much as I love cooking, and believe me, I do, when I plan my food shop, I know I have to buy one or two meals which do not require extensive preparation and creation, for those evenings when I just can’t be bothered. There are a couple of staples I always seem to fall back on because they’re just really fresh, zingy meals, which require absolutely no effort whatsoever and end up with a relatively healthy meal at the end. In addition to this, TOH has a ‘five ingredients’ rule, by which he means he won’t cook anything which contains any more than five ingredients. After five, it gets complicated and long-winded, by all accounts, which I guess is why a lot of his meals contain bread, beans, cheese and HP sauce. (Room for one more in there, should you wish!) Both of these recipes conform to that rule, or nearly at least!

Weirdly both contain tortillas, which I say is odd, because I can’t think of any other recipes I make which I use tortillas in. Either way both of these recipes are ace for when you just want tasty, healthy food, fast. The Indian sweet potato wraps are messy to eat, but worth it for the delicious taste. Covered in garam marsala, one of my favourite spice mixes, and balanced with the translucent sweet red onions, it’s really a beautiful dish as well, which is always nice. It makes the kitchen smell delicious too! The tortilla flat breads, for want of a better description, are a relatively new concept to me simply because I’ve only recently started liking avocado in any form other than guacamole. In guac, it’s all pleasantly hidden in amongst the onion and garlic, the avo being more of a ‘carrier’ for the other, stronger flavours. Here, though, if you get a really nice avo, the flavour really does come through and you’re left which a nice fresh meal which isn’t too heavy.

A major selling point of both dishes is that they’re as lovely to look at as they are to eat!


2 thoughts on “Always have a back up tortilla …

  1. These look delish – would it be a massive faff to write out the actual recipes? Or am i just missing a crucial link somewhere?

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