All the King’s horses

So it’s Autumn … official. Fresh off the back of the first hurricane of the season (I say that like in two months’ time we won’t be able to move for hurricanes … it’s simply not true) the weather is feeling colder, windier, bitier. Add to that a long meeting at work, a frenetic Aerotone session at the gym (don’t ask) and the fact that TOH is ‘at the work summer party’ (see previous statement on the seasonal change … sort it out, D) and frankly, I’m not in the mood for complicated food. What’s more – there’s always more – it’s Wednesday. And you know what Wednesday means? Yes, peeps, it’s my favourite propertistas on C4 – Location, Location, Location followed by Grand Designs … double win! No time to waste in that kitchen, no, sir-ee.

So, all things considered, what did I fancy for tea tonight? Stir fry? Too much chopping. Soup? Not enough veg in the fridge. Boeuf Bourgingnon? Did I mention that it’s been a long day and clearly I can’t be arsed? Yes,I think I did, listen up. Eggs. That’s it. There’s a reason eggs feature in my TopFiveFavouriteThingsInTheWorldEver and it’s because they’re just so comforting and versatile. This might not be the best post to show the versatility of said eggs, but it is certainly the one to show how they rate a solid perfect 10 on the comfort food scale.

What can you say about a dippy egg? Well, a few things really now you come to ask. I love ’em. I can never decide how I want my eggs, they’re just all so great, but I do think that the ultimate comfort egg would be boiled. It’s the distant memories of sitting at the table as a small child, dipping your soldiers into the hot, sticky goo. It’s pure bliss.

But how do you get that perfect dip? You can read books and blogs and magazines and, God, probably sky writing, on the topic of how to create the perfect boiled egg. How long do you leave it in there? What do you add to the water? What temperature should the water be when you add the eggs? What size eggs should you use? How fresh should they be? There are so many variables! I think I may have only ever created the perfect boiled egg once, maybe twice, in my life. Shameful, I know. Myself? I add the eggs to cold, salted water and stick four minutes on the clock from when the water starts to boil – thanks, Delia. This usually works for medium eggs which are relatively fresh. Usually. But the problem with not being four any more is that I want more than one dippy egg … I want two, call me greedy. This means that my first egg is relatively perfect, a nice mix of creamy, dippy yolk and soft white. I can dip, I can scoop, I can enjoy. Then you crack that second egg, take the shell off, chop off its head and find … solid egg. Because all the time you’ve spent enjoying your first egg, that second little bugger has been gently cooking away inside its self-made little ceramic oven. It’s always so disappointing and I have no idea how to combat it other than cooking one egg then the next. And that doesn’t sound fun. That sounds like I might as well have cooked something more complicated in the first place.

Ideas on a postcard as to how to make the dodgy second egg less dodgy. For now though, I won’t complain too much. My eggs turned out alright, even though they were slightly larger than medium, slightly older than fresh and I missed the turn on time of the timer by slightly more than a minute. I had the first one dippy, my marmite solider drowning in gooey yolk, and the second one just slightly over done. But it was warm and comforting, and hey … I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it …


2 thoughts on “All the King’s horses

  1. Hi Sarah! As a fellow boiled egg afficionado, I share your second egg dilemma. I find that cracking the top off both eggs at once helps stop the second one from cooking too much further…apparently there is also such a thing as an egg cosy which you can use to stop the second egg going cold while you eat the first one…

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