Home, sweet home

People are forever moving home – coming and going, going and coming – but how do you keep on top of the housewarmings, both parties and presents? Well, the parties are relatively easy – turn up, bring booze and chat away. But it can be tricky buying presents for people to help them feather their nests, since we all have very different styles and ideas of what we want, and where, in our new homes. Having moved home as many times as I have in the last four years, I know as well as anyone that things have homes, and you don’t necessarily have space for all the lovely miscellany that people give you to help you remember them by in your new pad.

So what solves the problem more than a simple butter biscuit, I ask you?The answer is as simple as the result – nothing.

I recently bought a cookie press whilst on a lunch-time expedition to TKMaxx. I’d seen them bought for various people in the past and I was super excited at the prospect of using it to create the little Danish butter biscuits which are a thing of my childhood. They’re so simple, and always just so perfectly bite-sized, that I think they make the perfect present. So, armed with my new cookie press, and a recipe sourced from the depth of the Internet, I aimed to create a gift worthy of Dr Katie’s new Headington home.

Well, it was … ummm … semi-successful? I’ve never been much of a cookie baker, preferring to go the whole hog and make a cake when it comes to it, so I’m not much of a judge of batter / dough. I had read, during my trawl, that the key in making the cookies hold their shape is to keep the dough as cold as possible before sticking them in the oven. So, with that in mind, and the fact that I was batching my bakes, I kept utensils and dough in the freezer between usages. Alas, it didn’t seem to help much and no matter how cold, or what nozzle I used, I couldn’t get the little beggars to hold their shape.

The taste was there, all buttery, melty goodness, but they couldn’t help but sploge into a vaguely round, peaky shape. Perhaps the recipe I used wasn’t quite up to scratch – the perils of Internet recipe hunting – or perhaps my oven temperature didn’t quite match up. Whatever the reason, they didn’t quite look the part individually, but they certainly went down a sweet treat with Dr Katie in her new home.


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