Post-Singapore come down

Well, it’s been a while since the last post and that’s because I’ve been on holiday. It was back to Oxford with a bit of a bump on Tuesday and straight into work on Wednesday. Naturally, there wasn’t a morsel to be had in the fridge, TOH having cleaned it out good and proper in my absence. I’ve just spent an amazing week in Singapore and Malaysia visiting my lovely friend, Mei, who moved out there in February. It was a very, very fun week and when people ask me, as is customary, what I got up to, I actually can’t come up with anything better than ‘Well, I ate a lot’ – the best kind of holiday! But, more on that later, as I plan to write a dedicated post about some of Singapore’s delights ­­– both culinary and otherwise.

For now, let’s concern ourselves with the matter of the seriously empty fridge. I landed late afternoon and couldn’t decide whether to get the bus direct to Oxford or the Heathrow Express to Paddington and then train back out to Oxford.  Timing wise there’s not much in it, and price wise, I was so tired that it didn’t really matter. I plumped for the train, thinking that I live closer to the train station than the bus station so dragging my (slightly) overweight bag would be less stressful from the train.

Anyway, back to the food – home and facing the empty fridge. I located some carrots rolling about at the back and a rogue onion. Soup – done. Bread? No, course not. Now, having been sent on a bread course by TOH last year (thinly veiled gift if you ask me) I’m not as daunted as I once would have been by the prospect of not having any ready-sliced in the cupboard. Also, handily for me, there was a packet of sundried tomato bread mix in the store cupboard. Rolls – done.


The soup ended up being a spiced carrot concoction (I couldn’t tell you what spices, but probably some sort of cumin-coriander mix) and the rolls were a variation on a theme of these amazing pinwheel rolls I saw a few weeks previously in my Good Food magazine. I used a packed of bread mix and then rolled it up with cumin and turmeric which ended up with lovely yellow rolls. It was warming and comforting, which was just what I needed after a 14 hour flight.


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