Soup and a roll?

Sometimes you need to eat something green. Surprisingly, since being basically veggie, this need is greater than ever as I seem to have a lot of carbs – pasta and something, rice and something, you know how it is. On a normal day my diet’s never overly unhealthy – since I eat veggie 90% of the time and it’s all quite, you know, veggie filled – but I do sometimes think you can’t beat a bit of green. But what comes in green and can make the bulk of a meal? Cabbage? No. Broccoil? Maybe. Courgette. Totally.   It was 0 degrees when I poked my nose out of the duvet this morning, just enough to check the weather on my phone though. 0 degrees. Blimey. There’s only one thing for it in this weather – soup. Thick, comforting soup.

So, I wanted soup and I wanted green. No problem! I have a staple soup that is always up my (figurative) sleeve in these moments.

When I was living in France on my year abroad (back in, God, 2005!) this courgette soup was one of the first things I was cooked when I arrived. Marie-Thérèse looked after me amazingly in those first few days and took me home to cook a proper meal for me at lunchtime.  Usually it was a bowl of courgette soup, a piece of steak and bread, followed by pomme purée, stewed lovingly for days on end. The soup was delicious and simple, not to mention comforting in those lonely first days, and I continued to cook it for my whole year. Weirdly, TOH has since adopted it as his own as well, and often asks for it. It’s so, so simple, one of those great recipes which only has four ingredients (so that’s why he likes it!) – courgettes, stock, garlic and laughing cow cheese (yes, that’s a valid ingredient!). I mean, how French can you get?!

But you can’t just have soup on its own for dinner, can you? So enter another firm favourite of mine – scones. Ok, so they’re not real scones, they’re kind of cheats scones, but they’re super quick to make after work and can be ready in a flash. These marmite and cheese (yum!) scones don’t have any yeast in them, just SR flour and baking powder, so they’re speedy to make, but they don’t quite have the yeasty lift of real bread. They’ve got a nice mix of yoghurt, milk and egg as the bindings, so the end product is tangy but soft and fluffy.

So a hearty and warming dinner on the table. Little memories of France, mixing with the delciousness of freshly baked scones – perfect.


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