New charity shop finds

There’s not much better than a quality charity shop find, is there? With this in mind, I found myself wandering into the Barnardos on the Cowley Road the other evening after work. It used to have a vintage section, which then disappeared and has now, miraculously, reappeared. All very exciting but, thanks to a recent eBay spree, I wasn’t looking for clothes. I managed to pick up this little block of cigarette cards though. £2 well spent!

Not sure what I’m going to do with them as yet. The idea was to use them on greetings cards with little photo corners, so we’ll see.

Then, as the bus wasn’t on the horizon, I kept going to the new Sue Ryder. I’d heard it was a good one and it didn’t disappoint. It had a lovely Brownie camera display as soon as you walked in the door and then a massive vintage section at the back. Another time, another time… What caught my eye was in the locked display cabinet.

It was being ‘sold as seen’ as a breadknife, and TOH and I are calling it our ‘bread and cheese knife’ thanks to the weird double edge. I can’t find the hallmarks on any website, so if anyone has any bright ideas over age and maker, get in touch! I’m thinking it’s 1920s/30s by the design. I’m not really fussy – for £4 it’s a lovely addition to my collection!

In the same cabinet was a dusty looking deck of Happy Families cards, also being ‘sold as seen’ which turned out to mean they just hadn’t bothered to count them. I remember playing Happy Families when I was wee, but it’s not a game which has a lot of nostalgic appeal to me. But I just really loved the illustrations …

Again, the idea was to use these on birthday cards and things but, having counted them and found the deck to be complete, I couldn’t bear to part with them! These are the original families and illustrations from 1851 (although, clearly a later printing). The illustrations are thought to be done by Tenniel (off of Alice in Wonderland) although never credited to him. They’re certainly very like his drawings (think of the Duchess screaming ‘Pepper!’) and I think they’re just beautifully grotesque. There was ramblings of getting them framed, but I think that might cost a small fortune, so they may well just be confined to a shelf for now.



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