Received with thanks

Remember being little and having  a bajillion (real number, look it up) rubber stamps? Yes, me too. They used to make Sunday morning letter writing (ah, boarding school) more about the artistry than the actual letter. We’d pool our resources of  stamps and ink-in-all-colours-of-the-rainbow and get all ArtAttack.

Well, I recently started getting all excited about them again and bought myself a rolling alphabet stamp from eBay which had to come all the way from Korea for some reason. Why don’t we have them in the UK?? Nevertheless, I reassure myself with the thought that the font wouldn’t be nearly so pretty if we’d made it. I then bought loads of little stamps from Skullandcrossbuns on Etsy and now I’m building quite a collection.

It’s nice to be able to make greetings cards and personalise little things so that people think you’ve taken that little bit longer to think about them and make something special.

Then! You get a thank you text from someone who’s received your card and loved it so much they framed it! I made this one for P, but I think she’s improved it immeasurably by mounting it on lovely floral cloth and framing.  Thank you for loving it!


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