My childhood was a game of two halves, gastronomically speaking.

Up until the age of nine, I was the proud owner of my very own pineapple crop and was more au fait with red snapper than its humble British cousin, the cod. I was very lucky to have been exposed to some amazing exotic delights at such a young age and I don’t think I gave it enough thought, never mind appreciation, at the time but I’m sure it must be some of the reason as to why I’m so interested in such a wide verity of flavours and tastes now. I always lean towards Asian food, and it must be down to my wonderful amah, Jane Matu, who would cook delicious Malaysian dishes for me when my parents were out. I still dream of the delicate stingray curry, and glorious beef rending, she would create in her kitchen, seemingly from nowhere. I remember going horseshoe crab fishing on the local beach and then watching her massacre the beautiful body but all the while being careful to preserve the shell for my older brother. It was a sharp shock then when I was packed off to boarding school in cold Sussex, far from my parents and family, where I was subjected to any number of hideous ‘nutritional’ concoctions. Consequently, whilst I dream of Malaysian spices, I have nightmares about chicken à la king and ‘apple spewy’. I prefer to leave that half in the back of my mind, understandably.

Post-school, thrown into a shared house in the first year of uni, I started to flex my culinary muscles and quickly realised that I enjoyed cooking, and I haven’t really stopped since. My Other Half assures me that I wooed him with eggy bread, and the nicest thing I’ve ever done (nearly eight years ago now, I hasten to add) was cycle over with risotto for him when he slipped a disc in the first month of seeing one another. What’s a girl to do, eh?

More recently, having moved from North London to the wilds of Oxford, I found myself with a bit more time on my hands and, inspired by friend and colleague GirlEatsOxford, I decided to start blogging about anything and everything food related. I’m a bit haphazard in my timings, desperately chasing a routine post, but I’m getting there!

So, I hope you enjoy what you read. It’s only a little window onto what I get up to, but the window might get bigger, you never know!


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