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Road kill

Road kill

Rolling along in my automobile … and I’m hungry. This weekend, Kate and I are off to Kent and there’s the old ‘got to leave now before it gets sticky, no time for tea!’ vs ‘let’s eat now, let the traffic flow and then get home late’ debate. Personally, I think it’s a case of … Continue reading

All the King’s horses

So it’s Autumn … official. Fresh off the back of the first hurricane of the season (I say that like in two months’ time we won’t be able to move for hurricanes … it’s simply not true) the weather is feeling colder, windier, bitier. Add to that a long meeting at work, a frenetic Aerotone … Continue reading


My Mummy always told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I believed her … until I started working, and then I realised that actually 10 more minutes in bed is far more important than having any breakfast. I know there’s people out there who disagree with me, and it’s … Continue reading